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One of the greatest assets of the evoked biofeedback is that it brings awareness and education to you the client, revealing what your mind and body are asking for. It allows you to take more personal responsibility for your wellbeing; and to do so with more confidence. The evoked biofeedback is an important key for the treatments of weight loss and wellness.

Let me share with you what our clients are saying: 


For the last three to four years, I have complained and looked for answers to my depression, digestive disorders, lack of energy and of course, that unwanted 50 pounds I had gained through the years. No matter how hard or long I exercised my weight continued to climb!

I was prescribed diet pills, exercise programs snd diet plans. I never lost one pound or one inch. Doctor after doctor had no idea what was blocking my progress.

Then I found Kathleen!!!! I started her 'Transform Me' weight loss program and within 3 weeks I had lost 16 pounds. Kathleen found out what was making it impossible for me to lose weight. I have now lost 34 lbs and I am still loosing. I cannot say enough to how well this program works.

Thank you Kathleen for making my goals a reality.

(Carols' son lost weight and cleared up a skin condition with the help of biofeedback and no restricted diet)


Carol Dickey

 HCG weight loss and how it changed my life:  


"I owe a lot to Kathleen's program. It not only changed the way I looked, it changed the way I felt about myself. I've done two detoxes so far. I have one to go... losing 43 lbs. on detox one and 27 lbs. on the second. A total weight loss of 70 lbs. and several inches since May 25 of 2009. My doctor says I'm the healthiest I've ever been and I haven't had this much energy since I was a teenager. My friends and co-workers have also gotten amazing results. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to be healthy and look and feel amazing. You have nothing to lose, but the unwanted weight!!!!"




Cynthia Aldrich

 "I can't believe how much better I feel and my bloating is gone now that I know how important digestive enzymes are for me." 

Maureen, Oneida, NY

 "Thank you for really encouraging me to visit the doctor. I didn't have any of the symptoms I experienced when I had cancer before and that's why I didn't think I needed to see my doctor. I was surprised when he said I had bladder cancer; but thanks to you I have had the tumors removed and I will continue to work with both the EPFX and my doctor. Thanks for letting me know I can blend the two therapies." 

Debbie, Skaneateles, NY

 "For years I was seeing my chiropractor for pain, numbness and swelling in my arms and hands. Two sessions with you and it's pretty much gone. My new chiropractor appreciates the report I gave him and is paying attention to those areas. I think the supplements the EPFX suggested are also making me feel and sleep better. Thank you." 

Joe, Oneida, NY


"Here I thought I was eating everything I was supposed to for weight loss and the EPFX revealed that I was having a difficult itme digesting some foods and that the grains were actually more of a stressor to my health. My doctor confirmed a metabsorption problem. Thanks to the EPFX I am saying my affirmations and eating what's right for me. I haven't lost a lot of weight yet but my clothes fit better and more importantly, I feel better." 

Sue, Canastota, NY

 "Mercury kept coming up as an underlying stressor even though I had my fillings removed...but when I recently had to have some oral surgery the doctor discovered a mercury tatoo under my tongue. I am a believer now." 

Dolores, Norwich, NY


Dear Kathleen,

I have been wanting to write for some time, but just never sat down to do it. I just wanted to give you an update on my father.

He is 84 years old but he had always kept busy; most people thought he was 70. He still did carpentry, chopped wood, rode ATV, etc. About 1 1/2 years ago my father's health starting declining. He started having a difficult time breathing, talking became difficult, his appetite dropped (as did his weight), he was lethargic and had no energy. He got so bad all he did was sleep. After seeing his cardiac surgeon several times, an ENT specialist, a lung specialist, and even the Cleveland Clinic; we were no further ahead on finding a cause and remedy for him. My father was sick of going to doctors and explaining everything over and over. He said he didn't want to continue living like he was. After yet another doctor visit, my sister and I decided to book an appointment with you for biofeedback - whether he wanted to or not. My sister brought him, saying he was barely awake in the car. Your information on him gave us so much to go on. He was low on nutrients, minerals and I think most imporantly CoQ10. You were so concerned you gave him CoQ10 right there. My sister said in the care as they left, you could see all of a sudden he perked up and wanted to stop to eat. Per your suggestions, we started him on magnesium and continued CoQ10. I would say within 4 days we saw an improvement in him. After a few more adjustments, I can say he is back to his normal self. In fact, just last month he installed a new entry and storm door at my house; something he could never have done this spring - and he will be 85 in March (he continues to this day taking CoQ10).

Thank you so much for providing this service! I only wish more people would try it and maybe they could improve their health as well. It seems all anyone wants to do is prescribe medication, when sometimes all our body needs is something more natural. Thanks again Kathleen!

Janet Kaido

North Syracuse


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