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Enjoy therapeutic essential oils, warm scented towels back massage and gentle enzymes to support your immune system, reduce stress and back pain refresh and rejuvenate your face all in one relaxing 90 minuet treatment! 

Relax with Raindrop and Enzyme Facial Combo Promo June thru July  $110 ( reg. $140)




June through August get four remote Healy sessions for only $75


Back in 2005 when I was first offering biofeedback in general and especially virtual sessions my clients and most everyone had a hard time understanding or believing that our health and well-being could benefit so much with energy or frequencies. Cell phones were not even a household word back then. Back then most of my clients were either just curious or desperate because traditional medicine or therapies were not helpful to them. Today, over twenty years later, we can use our cell phones frequencies to take selfies and within seconds our friends around the country or world will view them. With ‘frequencies’ we can unlock a car from a satellite somewhere in the universe. Using frequencies, modern technology allows doctors to monitor your heart remotely. One of the many blessings or benefits of energy medicine was revealed during the COVID shutdowns because frequencies can be transmitted and received most anywhere at any time even while you’re confined to your house. Recently with the cost of gas, using frequencies remotely to support your health and well-being continues to be an added benefit. Besides not having to use gas or leave the comfort of your home, other benefits of this technology to support your health is there isn’t pages of possible negative side effects.  Energy medicine is non invasive and it is affordable for most people!

Please remember I am not a medical doctor or medical professional…I am just the technician that is operating the incredible software that uses this amazing technology to support your health and well-being. If you’re interested you may contact me for more information, referrals and testimonials



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