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Quantum Physics» the Missing Link in Healthcare


 A lbert Einstein, the greatest mind of the 20th Century, identified an energy that could be used either to destroy or to heal. Quantum physics is the study of this energy and its relation to all aspects of our everyday reality. In this century, modern science will explore this energy and its avenues for healing.
Its potential for restoring imbalances in the body, mind, and spirit can no longer be disputed. In other words, quantum physicists have put science behind what alternative health practitioners have known for centuries—that the mind and body are one.

Quantum physics, as a driving force behind alternative and integrative medicine, gives us new hope for preventing disease and promoting optimal health for every human being.



Quantum Biofeedback is a non-invasive, sophisticated technology that energetically scans the strength of your reactions to over 11,000 electronic signatures of a broad array of items and re-trains your body and mind to a better reactivity. These items include emotions, pathogens, allergens, nutrients, toxins and even pain.

Cells in our body resonate in certain patterns with special functions. They also network together to keep our body in harmony, a state called "homeostasis". Some forms of stress produce erratic vibrations, setting the stage for disruption of healthy bodily processes. The EPFX SCIO system can detect responses to energetic aberrations and train with signals that resemble healthier electrical fields.

Our body and mind are subjected to stressors daily. These stressors have their own, unique vibrational "signature". The body’s first reaction to these stressors is also vibrational, or electromagnetic. Cells can store the result of damaging frequencies for years, the waves building up unnoticed. As Wilhelm Reich MD and researcher (1897 – 1957) discovered, emotional stress is actually "recorded" in the muscles and tissues. At this point, chemical changes begin to appear. We become more susceptible to bacteria, pathogens and viruses. Genetic pre-dispositions for certain diseases may also begin to appear. With EPFX SCIO Biofeedback, we can train our cells to "release" the aberrant vibrations, thus allowing our bodies to heal naturally.

With biofeedback, we can train our nervous system to the relaxed, parasympathetic state. This state is also referred to as "rest and digest". This is the state of our nervous system that we were meant to function in, not the sympathetic state - also known as the "fight or flight" state. The parasympathetic state is inherently healing as this is when our bodily functions are performing most efficiently and focusing on the tasks they were designed for daily. When we live in a state of stress, or "fight or flight", our physical and emotional systems are functioning in a state that was meant for survival of the moment, as when we are defending our lives. Stress hormones cause stress and strain to the vascular system. During stress states, the overall hormonal stress response of the body is severely challenged, specifically the adrenals and kidneys.




"Quantum physics has found that there is no empty space in the human cell, but it is a teeming, electro-magnetic field of possibility or potential."
- Deepak Chopra





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