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I believe feeling good is looking good.  So much of how we look and feel has to do with our lymphatic system.  I also believe supporting your lymphatic system is so important before and after any detox program.  Many of you may have tried expensive laser or Cool Sculpture for fat and or cellulite reduction and had to wait weeks to see if it worked.  Those treatments are fine but even if they worked they did nothing for your overall well being.  While you totally relax during this body sculpting lymphatic drainage treatment these are some of the benefits you'll be receiving

Lymphatic Drainage

Why You May Need Lymphatic Drainage

Within each of us is a remarkable detoxification system called the Lymphatic System. The lymph system works behind the scene as a secondary detoxification organ after the liver keeping our bodies healthy and our immune system vital.

When the liver is taxed the lymphatic system takes over and if it is not functioning at peak performance you may have symptoms of:

· Sluggishness

· Slow Digestion and Metabolism

· Aches and Pains

· Low Energy

· More Susceptible to Colds and Flu


With Lymphatic Drainage treatments clients have reported amazing results including:

· Increased Metabolism

· Expedited Weight Loss

· Better Hormone Balance

· Increased Circulation

· Improve Skin Tone, Clarify & Vibrancy

· Energized Vital Organ Efficiency

· Better Digestion & Assimilation

· Feeling Energized

· Look better, sleep better, and feeling renewed!

With over twenty years of experience and continued education your facial will be customized to your particular needs.  Whether you're wanting a traditional very relaxing European Facial or some of the most advanced facial treatment the industry has to offer to combat the signs of aging, you can design your treatment.  Although the atmosphere is very tranquil, Natural Alternatives is not a spa with 'a one size fits all' facial menu.
Price point 1:   Beautiful Basics        $45 approx.45 min  $65 approx 60 min.
This category would be strictly a hands on ... no Hi-Tech.  Light customized facial peels, relaxing European Style Hydration facials and acne clean up would be in this category.  Result oriented products delivered in a relaxing fashion make this a great facial.
Price Point 2:  Tech It Up            $85    approx.  60 - 70 min
In this category you would add one of these advanced technologies:
                Micro or Nano Needle Technology    Radiancy Micro-Phototherapy    NanoPro Multi Toning/Lifting 
Price Point 3:  Bring It On           $95     approx  85 min
Your on a mission ... maybe you have a wedding or class reunion coming up.  Combining one (maybe more) of the category two technologies with the Intraceutical Oxygen Facial, Lumi Lift, Microdermabrasion or Chroma Lift results can be amazing!


Facial Peels:
From Eminence Organic Skin Care, Skin Script and Bio-Jouvance we offer a variety of acid and enzyme peels to address your special concerns such as acne, hyper-pigmentation or dry, dull, lackluster skin.  Often we use peels in conjunction with facials. When done in a series, our facial peels and facial treatments can have amazing and longer lasting results! 
Micro and Nano Needling:
Micro-needling is a minimally invasive treatment for skin rejuvenation collagen stimulation, pigmentation and enlarged pores.  An electronically powered pen like device with VERY tiny fine surgical steel needles are introduced to the skin making microscopic punctures to the skin.  The tiny microscopic injury to the skin trigger a reaction for the skin to heal by producing new collagen which result in a tighter more youthful skin.  Depending on the selection of the number and depth of the micro needles a schedule will be determined of how your series will be spaced out.  In my office all micro and nano-needling are followed with an LED light treatment as well. 
$$$$$$$ SAVINGS $$$$$$$
I like to make your life more beautiful .. prepay for three facial treatments or facial peels and get you fourth one FREE!  (not valid with other promotions)
Click on any of the links below to learn more about the different types of facials available at Natural Alternatives:



Chroma Lift 
This award winning treatment combining lymphatic drainage, essential nutrients and color therapy is found to be both an effective beauty and wellness treatment.
Chroma Lift Incorporates lymphatic drainage, light therapy and the amazing Phytobiodermie  products to reduce puffy eye area and lift and tone The award-winning PHYTO5**  incorporates full-spectrum Chroma Light in this amazing 60-minute facial.

The Chroma Lift facial improves all skin types with its full spectrum light. It energizes the facial muscles while…

· Toning

· Lifting

· Sculpting

· Contouring

· Improving Circulation

· Diminishing Redness

· Balancing Pigmentation

While the face is receiving Chroma Light, your body is being energize with healing light rendering more dramatic results on a holistic level.

Our Chroma Light system is not to be confused with LED light treatments. Full Spectrum light is significantly more profound and dynamic with creating a healing effect for the skin’s condition the  face and neck.


The Chromalift is performed in a minimum series of three facial treatments. Each session differs in the color usage, acupuncture point work and masking techniques. Visible results are achieved with one treatment. We recommend a series of five for maximum effect.





Micro dermabrasion
Micro dermabrasion is a selective and controllable mechanical peel, which allows for more precise work. It is the third most requested non-invasive resurfacing process according to 2003 Survey of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Micro dermabrasion is a great stand alone treatment to erase or minimize acne, acne scarring, fine lines photodamage or may be incorporated with other facial treatments. Best when done in a series.





 Lumi Lift -
A complete photo-rejuvenation procedure that combines light energy, micronized currents and HF Polarized currents working the epidermal and dermal skin, and the muscle tissues beneath the skin to lift sagging jowls and soften the naso-labial fold and deep wrinkles around the lips. Visibly lifting, contouring, and illuminating with no pain.
Lumi Facial -
These are best when done in a series; packages are available. Scientific research has proven specific wavelengths of light applied at a certain strength have extraordinary therapeutic effects on:

  • Acne Prone Skin
  • Rosacea & Couperose Skin
  • Pigmentation Problems
  • Photo - Aging
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
    Dull, Lackluster or Blotchy Skin




Exfoliating  Body Treatment


Salt Glow - $65 / 45 minutes

A wonderful way to exfoliate and 'polish' your body.  Imagine an aromatic blend of sea salts and essential oils exfoliating your body then wicked away with nice warm scented towels.  Next your skin will be nourished and hydrated as a milk and honey body butter is massaged into the skin.  A great treatment to have in the spring and fall.


                                                                                                       45 m $60 / 45 minutes  




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