Corium Corrective 360
Advanced Skin Treatments

I am so excited to be the first in the area to introduce the most result oriented and targeted skin care line and treatments I've seen in my 20 plus years as a licensed esthetician.  With Corium Corrective 360 you can choose to have a targeted treatment for anti-aging, acne, rosacea or pigmentation. If you' re looking for long lasting results with Corium Corrective 360 we can customize a program for you and change the health of your skin.  Please revisit this page often as I am presenting you with new and innovated treatments and products from CORIUM  CORRECTIVE 360


Most of us know that exfoliation has an important role in stimulating and revealing healthy and glowing skin. There are several different ways to exfoliate ...manual scrubs, enzymes, facial peels and micro-dermbrabrasion.  All these methods help to loosen, digest or remove the dry, dull dead cells that sit atop your skin to reveal a smoother skin.  These means of exfoliation also allow your serums and creams to be more effective. For the last 15 or 20 years micro-dermabrasion has been one of the most requested service to achieve a good exfoliation. The OPTI 360 Resurfacing treatment has taken exfoliation to a new level.  The Opti 360 Resurfacing Treatment not only does an amazing exfoliation, it''s delivering precious nutrients at the same time with very little if any irritation.  Most of my clients are surprised how their skin feels lighter and so much smoother!



To much fun in the sun, hormone imbalance, prescription drugs and yes even to many very aggressive facial treatments may result in discoloration and dark spots. I won't lie .. .the bad news is pigmentation concerns are not an easy fix.  The good news with the newest Corrective Treatments and home care from Corium Corrective 360, brighter, more even skin tone can be yours.



Acne & Rosacea?

Maybe it's acne, maybe not. Maybe it's rosacea and maybe not. What it annoying and sometimes down right embarrassing. Those "bumps' and blotches of red dots can play havoc with our self esteem. Most often the bumps and blotches are a result of yeast on the skin.  What causes it? I don't think there is one answer to that question ..but there is an answer on how to fix it.  What I have learned that often when we're trying to use anti aging or skin brightening products we may indeed be feeding the yeast causing more bumps, bacteria and redness.  If you're being frustrated by any of these issues, fear not Corium Corrective 360 has a complex to kill off the yeast and a cream that can balance out the skin instead of nourishing the yeast.  Makes so much sense.  Because these age-defying products are so potent and nourishing, we always check for and treat any yeast conditions before starting the 'reverse the signs of aging' protocols. 




Firming & Toning

Working with just the Corium Corrective 360 products our clients have noticed an overall healthier and firmer looking skin. Whats really great, now we can add some lifting and toning with the Luma Lift or other devices. These add on treatments will work faster and last longer because your skin is healthier to start with.  How cool is that?! 



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